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Quotes for Archive pieices

A Mother’s Blueprint: The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, Morgan Stanley Perspectives in Philanthropy, 2012. Profile of Gloria Carter, Jayz’s mother and foundation founder.  “There are two things I always tell my children. If your mind can conceive it, you can achieve it. There is nothing in the world you cannot have. The other thing you also need to know, at any job you do, you have to love it. You do have choices. Utilize your choices.” (Culture: Morgan Stanley, Rocnation, Jay z)  

 T.I. Pimps Your RideRolling Stone Magazine,  2005. T.I. and the author customize a Dodge Charger. “It’s the expression of the artist as the car.” (Music: Rolling Stone, Jadakiss, Dodge)

Stay Real: Jadakiss, Celebrity Car, 2005. Profile of Jadakiss’s roots in the automotive business. “Our family was like the movie Paid In Full. Stereo shops, car washes. My brother said, screw the car washing, stay on the beatboxing.” (Music: Cadillac, Range Rover) 

Missy Elliott, DUB Magazine, 2005. Cover story on Missy Elliott’s extensive car and motorcycle collection. “When I go to places, I always park my own car, even with the valet people at my building.” (Music, Lamborghini)  

Jermaine Dupri, Frosty and FlyDUB Magazine, 2007. Cover story on Jermaine Dupri’s sound studio on wheels. (Music)  “When I drive I’m mostly by myself. That’s what I like about sports cars, your homies can’t get in with you.” 

The Automotive Chronicles: Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, DUB Magazine, 2004. “The Madden brothers scrounged up all they had saved — $500—and traded it for the tepid ’82 Ford Tempo and the independence four wheels symbolized.”( Music:  #ford,) 

 Crooked I, RIME Magazine, July 2005:  “I’m suspicious of everybody. When I was little, my mom and them would say you look at em crooked. That’s what people have been calling me every since.(music) 

Detroit Hip-hop: Remix Japan (Music) 

 LaLa: MTV's Hottest VJ, Celebrity Car Magazine, 2007.  “I was able to afford a Mazda 3. It was a stick shift. To this day I love that car.” (Culture: mazda, range rover) 

 Cars of the Stars: Football Figures take a time out to flaunt their ridesDetroit Free Press: “(Keyshawn Johnson) picks up his kids from school in a Bentley. “It’s could be a Toyota, and they wouldn’t know the difference.” (Culture: Bentley, Camaro, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz) 

Shop Etc. Magazine buyers guide “The secret to stress free car buying is knowing what you want and what you need before you saunter into the showroom.” (Cars: general motors) 

Get Throwed Back, Vibe Magazine, 2006. “The first Camaro, introduced in 1966, was based on the compact Nova, but since then the car’s impact has been anything but small.” (Cars, culture, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Dodge) 

Rides Magazine: Dodge Charger R/T Review, Oct 2005. “Grr. That’s the sound that a Hemi make seconds before it shreds the pavement.” (cars, Dodge) 

Jewish News: Opa's Odyssey, 2000 “We walked past the reconstructed Dresden Opera. My mother loved to go the opera. It was the best opera in all of Europe.” (Culture) 

Detroit Rock City, Northwest Airlines World Traveler Mar. 2005   Cover story on Anita Baker, the Funk Brothers, the White Stripes, Eddie Kirkland.” There’s a part of me that wants to belong to that tradition. It’s why I do what I do being in the shadows of Motown all my life.” — Anita Baker.  (Music)

 All that Jazz: Wynton MarsalisNorthwest Airlines World Traveler, Jan. 2007. Profile of jazz musician and Jazz of Lincoln Center founder. “Under the glow of indigo lights, Wynton Marsalis sat on the edge of a chair with his fellow trumpet players in big band formation, the bell of his horn perched on his right knee.” (Music, Jazz at Lincoln Center) 

Freedom Rocker: John Mellencamp. Northwest Airlines, Mar. 2007: Profile of Indiana born and bred rock star. “There’s a hollowness in individuals as they get older, if they feel they haven’t achieved their life goals."

Meet Tim Russert, Northwest Airlines World Traveler, July 2006.  Profile of the late journalist Tim Russert: “Matt Lauer said in one word what should the viewers be looking for tomorrow night? And I said ‘Florida, Florida, Florida. He said that’s three words and laughed.” 

Up Close with Terry Bradshaw, Northwest Airlines World Traveler, Jan. 2006 (Culture) “I’m clinically depressed, perfect for television,” he quips about his diagnosis. “I’m pretty much an open book. I make fun of my divorces, which were very painful. Part of the healing for me is always humor.” 

The Blue Lagoon: Iceland, Clear Magazine, 2006. The author survives an early season Icelandic blizzard in a Range Rover.  “Daylight gave way to dimness. Food and water were diminished, and we were running out of gas.” 

 Flesh Street groupie love: Shepard Fairey, Inked Magazine, 2006. “If you’re going to commit to a tattoo that says you’re a diabetic, you’re probably really a diabetic.” 

YRB Magazine: The Art of Music (music) (Not sure about this one.) 

Anthem Magazine: Bark At The Moon: Wolf Mother Welcomes You Back To The 70s (Music) 

CUT:   Temperature Gauge, 4C Magazine : The mystery of light,    (art + design) ehind CLOSED doors (culture) 

Behind Closed Doors, The Ave Magazine, 2006. Sexual abuse in the community. “I was the only person he had in this world. That was the mental part of it.” 


Depression, The Ave Magazine, 2004 - “You have to get over the stigma of going to the hospital. Cause I was Black Yale graduate and I didn’t want to admit I was sick in the head.” 

Dumping The Junk, Jet Magazine  (culture) 

 Get You COVERED: Obama Care, Jet Magazine. (culture) 

 Saugatuck Michigan, Delta Sky, Jun 2011 (Culture) “Just outside of downtown Saugatuck, a windy road runs along the Kalamazoo River, and leads to a secluded peninsula, home to Oxbow, an artists colony steeped in art world lore.” 

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