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http://lifeandthyme.com- i like this bright aesthetic

dreamhampton.com - my friend has a cool, clean author/director site: 

http://mickalenethomas.com/ - i like the feel that  this captures Mickalene’s work without being too flashy

http://deathoverdinner.org - I love the bright, clear imagery here:

http://girlswhocode.com - i like the simplicity of this language and mission:

dezeen.com - always liked their bold layout. 

http://brettberk.com - this is my writing/riding partner brett’s site: he does a good job of pushing his current work that sometimes is like mine. design could be a little sharper. 

http://www.refinery29.com -Another example of strong visuals

http://www.sagmeisterwalsh.com -i like the clever

http://www.intersectionmagazine.com - this isn’t a site, but these guy have always had the best aesthetic for blending design and cars

http://nicolakuperus.com/code/photographs.htm  - I also love my friend’s photography work that involves cars: weird but cool

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