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The New York Times

Look, It's A Trabant, It's an El Camino It's the Trabantimino

The town of Española, N.M., bears the nickname, “The Lowrider Capital of the World.” Each summer, the town holds the annual MainStreet ShowDown, a lowrider show sponsored by Lowrider Magazine that draws several hundred cars to compete for top honors.

Insider tips—and photos—from the president of the Antique Automobile Association of Brooklyn.

MIT Technology Review

Automotive Design for the Connected Age

BMW’s chief designer predicts that tomorrow’s cars will be controlled by voice commands, gestures, and touch screens.


Cool Hunting

Song of the Car: Ferrari 458 Challenge Evoluzine

An exhilarating, high-speed lap with a professional driver invokes an equally thrilling song by Flying Lotus

The U.S. has been engaged in war for a decade. Thousands have been killed on both sides. The bill totals nearly $3 trillion.

Metro Times

Diamonds in the rough: Fighting to save baseball in the inner city

Detroiter Greg Johnson is something of an anomaly — an African-American kid from Detroit who’s going to play college baseball. Johnson caught the baseball bug when he first stepped up to the T-ball plate at age 4.

Venus Zine

Erykah Badu- New Amerykah

Erykah Badu is looking right through me. She pulls her petite, slender limbs close to her body and curls her blue-painted toes over the edge of the earth-toned couch.


Senna Film Review: The Life Of A Formula One Driver

The genius of the new documentary film Senna is not in the retelling of the heart breaking tale of a 34-year old man killed at the height of his success.


Freedom Song: Akon

In a well-worn gymnasium in East St. Louis, Ill., children watch with impressionable eyes and follow the pattern of the djembe drums, as an integral piece of West African culture makes its way to the American inner city.

The Private Journey

The Enthusiast: The Bespoke Bike

Norton makes meticulous, state-of-the-art hand-built motorcycles a tradition that dates back to the late nineteenth century.

Yahoo Autos

At Heels & Wheels, Women Take The Driver's Seat

When automakers organize events targeted to women they have a clear objective — selling more of their cars.

Red Bulletin

Detroit Art City

A large oil painting is propped up against a wall at the Red Bull House of Art studio in Detroit.

American Express Open Forum

How to Steer Clear of Trouble in Customs

Much has changed in the world of international travel since Congress established U.S. Customs in 1789. Every day, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for 1.1 million entries into U.S. borders.

Jean Knows Cars

Virginia Overton: The Truck as Art

The artist Virginia Overton has recast the pickup truck from a capable worker to conceptual work of art. I saw the most recent example of her work in Miami Beach in December: Overton’s interpretation of a 1993 Dodge Ram.


For Fabrizio Sotti, a Ferrari soundtrack

Fabrizio Sotti, a jazz guitar virtuoso, grew up in Italy dreaming of Ferraris and rock‘n’roll.  He explores these childhood passions on his fourth solo album, Right Now – most notably on an up-tempo, flamenco-inflected instrumental track titled The Prancing Horse.

German conceptual artist Michael Riedel’s fourth solo exhibition at David Zwirner mines modern day methods of communication to reflect on the space that exists in the digital divide.

Before Nicola Kuperus matched her deadpan vocal delivery against foreboding analog synthesizers as one-half of her and husband Adam Lee Miller's Detroit-based band Adult., she was a photographer composing stark photos that paired well-dressed women's legs and bodices with old cars.

dj mills.jpg

Producer and DJ Jeff Mills is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his label Axis Records. The Detroit native first became prominent in the mid-'80s, spinning now-legendary mixes as the Wizard on Detroit radio station WJLB-FM (97.9).

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